Boathouse flooding clean-up: 9/26/09

Post date: Sep 24, 2009 11:49:11 AM

GT Crew will be at the boathouse on Saturday (9/26/09) morning (weather pending) from 7AM - 11:00AM (possibly later), and SA will be there from 8:00AM-1:00PM to clean up from the recent flooding. If the weather is bad on Saturday, plans for Sunday are yet to be determined; check this post for further details.

Clean-up will be mostly messy, manual labor and a lot of cleaning/sanitizing. There will be some mechanical/electrical work with launches and trailer as well.

This day is also recruiting weekend for GT crew (18 men and women high school recruits are flying into Atlanta for 2 days). There is also a home football game so GT Crew will be slightly shorthanded with workers (some rowers working at the game and others out with recruits). GT Crew needs any help they can get with manpower as well as supplies. If people cannot make it in person but can loan any of the items listed below, that would be great too.

There will be bagels and water coolers there for refreshments.

The cleanup is from 7am to 1pm this Saturday, September 26, 2009. If it is rainy, the cleanup will be delayed. Check back to this post for up-to-date-information.


  • Electric Generators to use the wet-vacs and water pumps. Don’t want people to be using electrical outlets because we don’t know the safety of them.
  • wheel-barrows
  • Shovels
  • Power washers.
  • Bleach / disinfectant
  • rakes,
  • wet-vacs
  • long push brooms
  • squeegees
  • compressors
  • hoses
  • spray nozzles
  • trash bins/bags
  • pick-up trucks with open cargo beds
  • buckets, sponges, rags
  • bleach/bleach solutions
  • bug spray

Notice: It is strongly advise to wear pants, and to have the legs tucked into a boot that covers the ankle. Long sleeves and a hat would also help protect skin from mosquitoes, and any contamination. Wear gloves and bug spray as well. Bring a towel and change of dry clothes and a trash bag for your gear that gets dirty. IT IS A MESS!