Georgia Tech Crew



Article 7. Bylaws:

Bylaws to this constitution may be proposed in writing by an active member of the GTCA. Bylaws are passed by a majority vote by the GTCA board at any time. The date preceding the bylaw is the date the bylaw was implemented, or the date any change to a bylaw was implemented.

Bylaw 7.1: 12.16.2010: Membership

Membership will include any person that has contributed to the mission of the GT Crew Affinity Group. Membership is established by filling out and submitting the form provided on the "Update your bio" website.

Members are entitled to:

  • Voting and nominations of board members
  • Newsletters and e-mail communication
  • Entry to any GTCA sponsored events such as homecoming tailgate, spring picnic, dad vails, etc.

Bylaw 7.3: 7.13.2009: Yearly Activity

The GT Crew Affinity Group agrees to hold the following annual activities for the GTCA membership. This list is not all-inclusive and will change over time.

GTCA Annual Activities:

  • Oct – Homecoming
    • TailGate
    • Annual GTCA Banquet
  • Feb – Erg Sprints
  • March – Pi Mile
  • April – Spring Picnic
  • May – Dad Vail

Events to add as feel comfortable

  • Chattahoochee River clean up (during Team Buzz – ask Alumni across American to partake in some community development activity)
  • More Regattas

Bylaw 7.4: 7.13.2009: Future Board positions

The following are proposed future positions to be added when the board decides to:

Regatta Chair (to maintain the voluntary Regatta Committee) March 2009

The Regatta Chair Board Member is primarily responsible for organizing alumni attendance and support at as many regattas as possible but most importantly the following regattas:

  • Head of the Hooch
  • Head of the Charles (work with alumni in Boston)
  • Dad Vails (work with alumni in Philly)
  • John Hunter Regatta
  • A-Town Classic

Beyond actual attendance, the Regatta Chair Board Member is responsible for organizing the following at each regatta GT Crew Alumni attend in an official capacity.

  • Marketing information about the Regatta many months prior to the tent
  • Ensuring quality tents, tables and signage are at all Regattas (including those not in Atlanta)
  • Ensuring the Merchandising Board Member is attending all regattas with proper inventory
  • Organizing all food and drink supplies. The quantity and quality of such food service may vary from regatta to regatta.
  • Organize any surplus activities or information to enhance an alumnus experience when traveling to a regatta. (Regatta Schedule Sheets, Meet the Team sessions, City Tours, etc.)

Bylaw 7.5: 7.13.2009: Committees

Committee sign-ups occur through the GTCA webpage. Board members in charge of each committee must contact their committee members no less than once a month. Committee meetings are not enforced, but committee members must be communicated with out of courtesy and for the future of the GTCA board. Committee members are possibly future board members.

  • Events Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Regatta Committee (Proposed upon addition of Regatta Chair)