Flooding at the Boathouse

Post date: Sep 23, 2009 2:28:11 PM

After very heavy rainfall this past weekend and Monday, there has been significant flooding around the Chattahoochee River. Unfortunately, the GT Boathouse was not safe from the rise of the water. As of Wednesday, the GTCA board has been told that no GT boats were damaged due to flooding. The water still needs to recede in order to access all the equipment, but rowers and coaches were up at the boathouse on Monday and Tuesday this week securing everything. What is known is that there will be mud on a lot of equipment and a mess in general, so the team (and maybe the alumni) will hopefully have clean up days in the near future... as soon as this coming weekend.Here is what the team has told us so far:The church parking lot is still in about 3 feet of water and there is still a lot of water around the boathouse but it is receding quickly. The good news is that none of the GT boats are damaged. The bad news is there is a lot of cleaning to do. We moved the WRECK to a high rack on the blue trailer and moved low racked singles to higher racks. Sculling oars are all in the rafters of the singles shed with the exception of one set which I brought back here to try to get the water out of them. There is mud everywhere in and around the boathouse (in and on the boats especially the WRECK and the singles, coxswain shed, meat shack, main boathouse, side house, doubles house, singles shed, erg platform and the fours shed still has the river running through it). We literally drove one of the launches up next to the erg platform and tied it up there. The other launches are secure where they are. Then there's the gas smell. Our gas tanks, SA's gas tanks and the fuel up at the sand dredging place is seeping into the river all around the boathouse. The really amazing thing is that the dock is still holding in place and appears to be fine although it is higher than the shoreline. Bottom line, plan for a huge clean-up day in the near future.

THE RIVER IS STILL UNSAFE AND UNROWABLE. Please do not go to the boathouse alone and do not wade through dark waters.