What's the forecast?

Post date: Mar 30, 2009 6:02:49 PM

This Alumni Spotlight will be looking at a younger couple of GT Crew Alumni who met while on the team and have recently gotten married!

Sarah Paglioni Fankhauser (2007 Biology) and Sean Fankhauser (2005 Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)

Sarah and Sean met while rowing on the GT Crew Team around 2003-2004. We could go into the romantic story of their dating history but we've all seen it before as members of the GT Crew Team - so let's just skip to the grand finale! The couple recently got married on June 7, 2008 at St. Andrews Church (that's right, the church where the boathouse is - how's that for full circle)! Sarah is currently at Harvard Medical school working on her Ph.D. in bacterial pathogenesis and is in her 2nd year with about 3 more years to go. She loves living in the city and as we all know Boston is a wonderful place (especially for rowers). Sean's been at the Weather Channel for 2.5 years now with his job title of "weather producer" which Sarah says "sounds really snazzy, if only he could produce beautiful weather all the time." Sean usually makes a lot of the graphics you see on air and recently had his on-air debut (videos are currently on our group page on Facebook). For the future, Sean is looking to move up to Boston at the end of the summer to be with Sarah full time and will be looking for work in the weather/ environmental fields if anyone has any connections!

Here's a photo of Sarah at her wedding with fellow teammates from her time on the crew team.

And here's an image of Sean rowing for GT Crew at the Head of the South in 2004.