10.23.08 - News

Post date: Nov 1, 2008 5:05:29 PM

*Homecoming festivities are underway on Tech Campus this week, and the GT Crew Alumni Affinity Group is very excited for Buzz Bash this Friday and for the game day on Saturday. Walk-In Registration is available for Buzz Bash and Information for events this weekend can be found at Upcoming Events.

*The recent trailer accident is being handled very well by current team President Ryan Williams, Rosalind Meyers and the rest of the student officers. The team has borrowed equipment to get them through this tough time. Here the status as of 10/21/08 from Ryan Williams:


I wanted to provide a quick update to the trailer accident situation:

As of right now, it appears that most of the 10 boats involved in the crash will be totaled. We are in the process of finalizing the amount we will receive from insurance from these shells; however we will definitely need additional funds out of pocket to cover replacement expenses. At this point, the student officers are working in conjunction with the alumni board to plan a comprehensive fundraising plan to meet this need. In addition, the student officers have begun the process of lobbying the Student Government to help bridge the funding gap.

In the interim, the team will continue to function normally. Resolute Racing has generously allowed us to borrow 5 shells free of charge until we are able to purchase replacement equipment of our own. We will follow our initial plan to compete in both the Head of the Hooch and the Head of the South.

Stay tuned via email and gtcrew.com for updates in the coming weeks as this situation unfolds. I hope to see many of you at the tailgate for Homecoming!


-Ryan Williams


*The Barnes & Noble Bookstore has Georgia Tech T-Shirts and Hats with “CREW” on it! Out of 10 sports on a giant wall of shirts, Crew is one of them. Look out for Crew Merchandise from the Affinity Group in the future.

*If you would like to be on a committee, fill out the “join a committee” form. Communications and Membership committee members do not need to live in Atlanta.