Team Needs to order new trailer by February 27

Post date: Feb 3, 2009 1:36:20 PM

Last call for donations!! We're almost there!

The Crew Team will need their new trailer for Spring Break and we need your help to get it ready! The scrimmages leading up to Spring Break are taken care of before their big departure on March 14th, but in order to have a trailer by that date, the team will need to place their order by February 27, 2009. As of this post, GT Crew Alumni are $2,300 short of the $15K goal so the team can buy a new trailer. Can you help us make up the difference? Join us in the most successful alumni fund raising campaign ever!

Please pledge your donation so the team can purchase this trailer and begin another successful spring season!

Specifications of potential new trailer (Picture of potential new trailer below)

Trailer is built by MO Trailers (makers of our previous trailer) and sold through Vespoli.

The Special (41') SIDE LOAD TRAILER is designed for big programs that carry a lot of shells over long distances. The Special is constructed of galvanized steel for a life-long, rust proof finish. A unique rack design eliminates threading boats between center racks. The Special Side Load Trailer is configured to carry a combination of 15 big boats (five high by three wide) This extra heavy duty, dual axle trailer is equipped with 6,000 lb. torflex axles, four wheel 12" x 2" electric brakes and 225 x 16" (D) radial tires on 8 bolt, spoke style wheels, plus an extensive list of standard features.

  • Capacity (towed by Pickup Truck): 9 eights, 6 fours Capacity
  • Maximum GVW: 10,000 lbs.
  • Height (to top rack): 9'6" Width: 7'10"
  • Rack Support Length: 34'
  • Bed Floor Dimensions: 14" deep, 5'4" wide, 32' long
  • Hitch Size: 2-5/16"

The best part about the new trailer is that the crew will never again have to thread boats through the middle of the trailer! Aren't you jealous?