Post date: Apr 24, 2009 2:18:31 PM

Gold Medals:

  • Varsity Women's Lwt 8 (out of the start first and just kept moving away from boats such as Tulsa and Ohio State)

Silver Medals:

  • Varsity Men's Open 4
  • Varsity Men's Lwt 8 (a very close second to Delaware)
  • Novice Men's Lwt 8 (medal was not awarded due to disqualification of boat...but they did get second!)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Varsity Women's Open 4 - second in the B final
  • Novice Men's 8 - third in the B final
  • Men's Varsity Lwt 4 - participated in the grand final

Events were moved up due to weather so everybody had an early morning up in Oak Ridge on Sunday.

The team felt that across the board they had a strong showing. Off the water was just as good. Oakridge GT Alumni came and set up a tent on Saturday, grilling out and showing their support. The novice men were actually able to stay at Dr. Dan Miles house (he lives right down the road from the course). Throughout the day, rowers and alumni mingled and ate. Hopefully each year the team will have a more support at every race from the GTCA and local GT alumni.