Rowers Racing for the Cure!

Post date: Apr 7, 2009 5:20:49 PM

There are a few alumni in the Atlanta area that have put a team together for the Atlantic Station Komen Race for the Cure on May 9. They are Sara Willson-Thacker, Rhiannon Morgan and Kelley Williamson Conway.

The team name is the Ambiturners (somewhat obscure Zoolander reference) so if you or someone you know is interested in running this race and would like to be part of a team with a silly name, they are welcoming all comers. Registration is $25 ($20 of which is tax-deductible) until April 17, and after that I think it goes up to $30 until race day when it's $35. If you're interested, please contact Sara (who is also the Event Planner for the GTCA) and let her know!

And, while the Ambiturners would love to have more runners join the team, they would also welcome any donations on behalf of our team which you can find here.

Thanks for supporting your fellow alumni!