Replace the Trailer Fundraiser

Post date: Nov 10, 2008 5:40:30 PM

We hope our friends, family and alumni of GT Crew will help us in our first big fundraiser to REPLACE THE TRAILER.

A critical part of the GT Crew Alumni Affinity Group mission statement is: "to provide support to the GT Crew club cooperatively with the student officers to ensure that it continues to exist and function in perpetuity." At this moment in time, no one can argue that our support to GT Crew is needed.

As an alumnus of GT Crew, you might remember hitting a sand bar or snagging a submerged log while rowing. You may remember the trailer crash of 1996 or the John Hunter accident in 2003. We all know how delicate rowing shells are, which is why we can all relate to the devastating trailer accident that occurred this past September on the way to Chattanooga. The full story of the trailer accident can be found on the news page or in the October 2008 edition of "The Regulator".

The team had 13 boats in the trailer accident, 10 of which were totaled (we've listed the boats and their conditions below). The team's President, Ryan Williams, projects insurance funds to be in the area of $185,000. He is seeking SGA funds as well. With these funds combined, hopefully the team will be able to replace much of what was lost in terms of equipment. This is potentially great news!

What will not be replaced is the team's trailer, which was also totaled and is currently not insured. The storage racks on the left side were bent severely. The repair cost will exceed the cost of replacement. Our goal, as the GT Crew Alumni Affinity Group, is to raise $15,000 through a focused campaign to provide the team with this replacement. We are asking for your support, in this unexpected time of need, to help the team in anyway you can. Please join us in the first official fundraiser campaign by the GT Crew Alumni Affinity Group. Help us make our goal.

All GT Crew alumni, friends and family will receive an email with this information shortly. If you do not receive it in the next few days - please update your bio to make sure you get the next notification.