Raise the roof (at the new boathouse)

Post date: Aug 11, 2014 4:43:51 AM

When: Saturday, August 16 and Sunday, August 17

Time: Saturday 9-3, Sunday 1-5

Where: 6269 Riverview Rd SE, Mableton, GA 30126

What: Prepare the ground and setup the new tent. This will involve digging holes, pouring concrete, putting together the tent and lifting it on to the supports. After the tent is up, boat racks will be built and a chain link fence to surround it all. We also need volunteers to bring refreshments and ensure everyone says hydrated and in good spirits!

RSVP and food donations: Facebook, Google, Email

Phone: 678-561-LAMP

Monetary Donations: treasurer@gtcrewalumni.org

The Long story:

This is really a beautiful site along the river if you haven't been out to see it and it'll be a great opportunity to say hi to everyone and really help out with the team. They got great use out of the new rowing location which is more convenient to campus and now has a dock extension. They were really pleased to be able to use the 8 singles that GTCA took as a fundraising campaign and were able to secure additional funding from GT for oars and this beautiful new huge tent. The team has also put in many hours at the site setting up the initial tent, working with Jamestown and volunteering for the Sweep the Hooch. The tent we will erect will eventually have a vinyl banner around it with a huge GT Rowing logo on it. GTCA was also on site last year for the Riverview Landing fall festival and drummed up a lot of excitement for this location. If you can't attend and still want to participate we still have a need for refreshments and donations to finish out the site and make it nice somewhere around $3000. This is for concrete, lumber, fence, vinyl fence over and astroturf.


Work Day 1 - Saturday, August 16

Team 1 - Assemble tent (at least 10 needed to lift on to posts)

Team 2 - Prepare the tent site dig holes

Work Day 2 - Sunday, August 17

Team X - Erect fence