Spring Picnic at the boathouse: April 24, 2010 - noon

Post date: May 3, 2010 1:38:47 PM

Despite thunderstorms, the GTCA and the GT Crew Team had a great time at the 2010 Annual Spring Picnic.

The alumni row was scheduled to be the main event in 2010. However, with lightening and thunder overhead, this was quickly canceled. Festive decorations, tables, chairs and lots of food were still set up in the boathouse. Rowers and alumni gathered inside to listen to music and celebrate the spring season together. Lunch was delicious and alumni were able to visit with old friends. See pictures of the event.

Speeches were given and here is a recap:

  • Catherine Owens, GTCA President: Introduced new GTCA members (GT Crew graduating seniors). Presented them with free 2010 active membership.
  • Coaches Ross Beattie and Rob Canavan: Gave a recap of the men's and woman's success this fall and spring. They also indicated what we can look for at Dad Vails this May.
  • Bob Baxley, GTCA Treasurer: Explained the newest financial accomplishment of the GTCA. An endowment for GT Crew has been formed. The GTCA donated $6500 to bring the team up to $25,000, which is the minimum needed to start an endowment with the Georgia Tech Foundation. The best thing about an endowment is that it never gets smaller. It should earn at least 4% annually.
  • Slim Jim Price, men's novice coach and GTCA member: Honored coach Rob Canavan for his 15 years of service to GT Crew. Rob Canavan consistency and perseverance for excellence has formed GT Crew to the successful team it is today. Coach Rob Canavan has been named the 2010 Dad Vail coach of the year!

Location: GT Crew Boathouse, Roswell, GA (Directions & Maps)

Date: Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Time: noon - 2 pm (rain or shine)

Who: All current team members, alumni and their families.

Schedule to include:

- welcoming speeches by special guests

- the induction of new GTCA members to graduating seniors

- an alumni row for men & women (so bring your spandex)

- a lot of memories, tons of fun and hopefully sun!

- Food & drinks will be provided. D.B.A. BBQ (1190 N. Highland Ave) www.dbabarbecue.com

The Alumni Row was scheduled to be a main event this year. Alumni should sign-up before the picnic to be sure you get a seat in a boat! Fill out the form below & request your friends! (If you see your name below and you didn't fill out the form yourself, then you have officially been requested to race - are you up to the challenge?)