Head of the Charles: Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18, 2009

Post date: Sep 24, 2009 12:00:24 PM

Despite the weather forecast, Saturday was surprisingly lovely weather, and the GT Crew tent at reunion village was a fantastic setup! Boats crossed right in front of GT Alumni, and the tent was a direct view of all the crews. Friends were made with all the surrounding alumni, (partially because Brian brought some hot chocolate!). The announcers received some hot chocolate too, and Georgia Tech got some serious mic time when they crossed by in return. GT boats were cheered on as they crossed by, and everyone had a good time.

Although Homecoming fell on the same day and the whole weather was predicted to be very cold, the GT Crew tent was a fun area. Many GT Alumni came by from the GT Club in Boston. They were educated on rowing by GTCA members. Sunday, unfortunately, was terrible cold (it was snowing). Because of this extreme cold, there was no alumni tent. However, the GTCA and the GT Club in Boston will be back again in 2010!

Cheer on the Georgia Tech Rowing Team in the official GT Alumni tent in Reunion Village at The Head of the Charles Regatta on Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, October 18th. As you know, this is one of the world's largest and most prestigious regattas with 7,500 athletes from around the world competing in 55 different races. It is quite a spectacular event, and a longstanding Boston tradition with over 300,000 spectators along the river's edge throughout the weekend.

In recent history, GT has placed near the top of their boat class in several events including the Men's Collegiate 8+ and the Women's Club 4+.

On Saturday, the Men's and Women's Collegiate 4+'s will Race in the afternoon. Join other members from the GTCA and from the GT Boston alumni club for food and drinks at the Reunion Village tent to hang out with fellow alumni and rowers. The atmosphere can be described as "tailgate" and will be a great prelude to watching the homecoming Football Game vs Va Tech that evening. The Reunion Village features a big screen tv with live webcast and race results, play-by-play commentary, a "River's Edge" view of the competition, and interaction with over 30 other alumni groups. We will have snacks and drinks on Saturday, but there will be food as well as beer and wine from the concessions to purchase (cash).

On Sunday, the Men's and Women's Collegiate 8+'s will be rowing, as well as the Men's Lightweight 8+. Again join fellow GT Crew enthusiasts at the Reunion Village tent, for food and drinks, to cheer on the rowers. Lunch in addition to drinks and snacks will be at the GT tent on Sunday, and like Saturday, the concessions will also be open.

Admission to the Reunion Village is 3$ for individuals and 5$ for couples. Feel free to come Saturday, Sunday, or both days.

More Information on the Reunion Village: http://www.hocr.org/2009HOCR/rv.asp