Dad Vails 2009

Post date: Apr 24, 2009 2:06:44 PM

Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia, PA

The 2009 Dad Vail Regatta was just like you might remember it... except the alumni enjoyed after-race shenanigans during the races this year. See the pictures from the event.

On Friday night after a day of heats in which Georgia Tech had 10 boats racing, the first inaugural team-alumni dinner and clean plate club meeting was held at the Spaghetti Warehouse. 100 alumni, parents and rowers attended and it was a great evening of celebration for Georgia Tech.

At the regatta, an official spectating tent with free food and beverage was provided for alumni, parents and rowers of GT Crew! The 20' x 30' tent was co hosted by the GTCA and the local Delaware Valley / Philadelphia GT alumni club. With the support of the Alumni Association, and the Georgia Tech Division of Student Affairs, Georgia Tech Alumni were able to enjoy a beautiful day on the Schuylkill river. Alumni from California, Washington, Connecticut, Atlanta, New Jersey and Pennsylvania were reunited to cheer on GT crew. Many Georgia Tech alumni from the Philadelphia area came out and learned all about the beautiful sport of rowing. It was a wonderful collaborative moment for Georgia Tech and for Georgia Tech Crew and we will definately repeat this event next year at the Dad Vail Regatta.

Alumni were not short on races to cheer for at Dad Vails this year. Read about the full race results in the Team Updates section. Congratulations to every rower and coxswain in the ten GT Crew boats this year, but here is a special congratulations to the top five finishing boats for GT Crew!

  • Men's Novice Lightweight 8: bronze medal (Congrats to coach and GT Crew alumni Slim Jim Price!)
  • Men's Varsity Lightweight 8: silver medal.
  • Woman's Varsity lightweight 8: sixth place overall. (Congrats to coach and GT Crew alumni Liz Henry!)
  • Men's Varsity 4: sixth place overall
  • Men's pair: fourth place overall.

Read about the full race results in the Team Updates section. We hope to see you at Dad Vails in 2010. Jim misses you. See more info on the actual races here: Dad Vail Regatta, Philadelphia, PA

Visit our pictures page to see more familiar faces at the 2009 Dad Vail Regatta