Be Featured in the GT Alumni Magazine!

Post date: Nov 9, 2011 3:58:23 PM

Have a story to share from your days on the rowing team?

The GT Publications department is revising the look of the Alumni Magazine. The Affinity Groups, along with the Networks and Young Alumni will have a section to feature articles on alumni.

If you, or any members of your group have an exciting story to share that would interest the Tech community, please submit your story to the link below by November 30th.

Have a Question for George P. Burdell?

Another new feature that will be included in the Alumni Magazine starting with the first issue in 2012 is an advice column written by George P. Burdell. To get the ball rolling, our Publication's department is looking for a few folks to send in some questions for George. Questions can be related to Tech's past, present or future; they can be about sports; they can be about the Alumni Association; or they can just be hypotheticals. The more humorous the question, the more likely it'll make it into the magazine.

To submit a question, send it by email to or post it online at

GT Crew and GT Crew Alumni were last featured in the Alumni Magazine's Tech Topics in Spring 2009. More information on the GT Alumni Magazine can be found here. Represent GT Crew! The next issue drops in February.