Alumni Winter Points Competition

Post date: Nov 13, 2009 7:07:20 PM

What?! Winter points? Yes. Winter points. How about a friendly competition between alumni? How many points can you get this winter? Competition starts November 23rd and ends on the first day of Spring Semester. If we get Alumni participants, perhaps we can set up a little challenge with the current team?? If you're interested, please fill out the form below. We are working on an additional form for you to fill out with your completed points. Remember, this is on the honor system.The GTCA winner will receive a gift from the GTCA Merchandise Department. We are currently designing many new items... one of which is a FLASK bearing the words "Never go dry again."1 pt - Row/Erg1K @ high Stroke Rate (Hard) 1 pt - Row/Erg 1.5k@ Steady State 1 pt - Run 1 mile 3 pt - 1 stadium (20minutes) 1 pt - 3 mile bike or 1 pt for every 12 minutes of hard cycling 3 pt - Heavy wt lifting: each body part 40-50 reps 1 pt - weight circuit 10' 1 pt - 500m swim

1 pt - basketball, racketball, ultimate or similar sport. 1pt for every 15' of actual participation.

1 pt - 10 sets of 20 squat jumps

1 pt - 20 min of Yoga

6 pt - 1hr X-country ski

-25 pt - Broken Bone

-5 pt - sprained ankle

10 pt - beating Coach Rob in Table Tennis on Dec 1st 4:30p CRC

2 pt - hiking for 1 hour minimum

Any other Steady State workout is worth 1pt per 15 minutes of exercise time with a heart rate of 130+ BPM. Minimum of 20 minutes per workout.


Workout on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day - 1pt

If your workout(s) for the day totals:

6pts, add 1pt

8pts, add 2 pts

10pts, add 4pts

The most bonus points you can earn in one day is 4.

GTCA Bonus Points

These points will not be included in any challenge with the team but will provide any Alumni with an advantage over other alumni.

1 pt - one ghost membership to GTCA (1 point for every ghost membership)

10 pt - volunteer for the Atlanta Erg Sprints (because this event happens in February, you will need to make it known to our Events Coordinator that you plan on volunteering)

20 pt - actually ROW in the Atlanta Erg Sprints (all 2000 meters) (again - this happens in February, so you will need to let us know you plan on participating)

A rowers character is defined by what one does when nobody is watching.

Pump it up, Champ.

Winter Points Competition