Alumni Mentoring

Post date: Sep 9, 2010 2:44:38 PM

Thanks to Alum Sara Outz Lindsay for letting us know about this! Get involved:

Mentor Jackets, an alumni-to-student mentoring program, is a valuable, impactful, and rewarding way to volunteer for Georgia Tech. Current Tech students are paired with Tech alumni in a year long program where alumni have the opportunity to influence their mentee’s personal and professional development. They develop their partnership through face to face interactions, electronic communication, telephone conversations, and programming exclusively designed for members of Mentor Jackets.

Mentor Jackets Online

Mentor Jackets Online is an internet based mentoring tool designed to enhance the development and quality of every Mentor Jackets partnership. With Mentor Jackets Online, mentor/mentee pairs communicate and schedule meetings with their partner, RSVP for events, engage in group discussion, and complete personality assessments. Additionally, pairings are provided with regular conversation prompts through the software to maximize the benefits of the program and maintain a productive mentoring partnership.

Mentoring Events

During the year, participants in the Mentor Jackets program will have the opportunity to attend special events specifically created for mentor and mentees.

  • October 21 – Mentor Jackets Kick-Off and Welcome
    • Mentors and mentees are invited to an event to celebrate the beginning their new mentoring partnerships.
  • November 18 – Networking and Communication Speaker
    • Members of SAA, and participants in the Mentor Jackets Program are invited to attend a speaker event focused on the development of networking and communication skills.
  • February 7 – Speed Networking
    • All members of SAA, and participants in the Mentor Jackets program will be invited for a reception and an evening of structured networking and dialogue with Georgia Tech alumni and fellow students.
  • April 7 – Mentor Jackets Celebration
    • Mentors and mentees will be invited to an event to celebrate the end of the academic year and new relationships between students and alumni.

Distance Mentoring

All Georgia Tech alumni are eligible and encouraged to volunteer as a mentor, including those outside of the metro-Atlanta area! Students who co-op or intern out of state or out of the country are encouraged to sign up for an e-Mentor, and alumni have the same opportunity. Distance mentors and mentees can participate in the program through Mentor Jackets Online, telephone conversations, and webcasts. E-Mentoring is a great way to connect with Georgia Tech students and fellow alumni even when far away from campus!


Participation in the Mentor Jackets program requires a few hours each month, and the return on the investment is excellent! Mentor and mentee pairings should communicate each week, and use Mentor Jackets Online to schedule time to actively engage in discussion.

Register to mentor a current GT Student!

Note: Alumni who have previously served as mentors must complete this registration to participate in Mentor Jackets 2010-2011.

Mentors and mentees are strongly encouraged to complete the registration process prior to October 1. Mentor and mentee matches will be released through Mentor Jackets Online in the first week of October.