2011 Atlanta Erg Sprints Success!

Post date: Mar 2, 2011 12:37:05 AM

The 2011 Atlanta Erg Sprints was a great event. 600 participants from many Universities, Junior Programs, CrossFit Gyms, and other rowing organizations competed. There was some fierce competition in many events.

Results are posted. Many hammer records were broken this year. Notable hammer times include:

  • Alumnus Joy Smith crushed the hammer time for Women ages 30 - 39.
  • Alumnus Jordan Smith also crushed a hammer time for Men ages 30 - 39.
  • Greenville Indoor Rowing Club brought many participants this year, and they dominated the lightweight events to claim the new hammer time for both men and women.

The Team Point trophies were awarded to the following clubs:

  • Junior Team Division: St. Andrews Rowing Club
  • Open Team Division: Emory University (with Greenville Indoor Rowing Club a close second)

The Atlanta Erg Sprints has felt incredible growth over the past 5 years. Since it was taken over by alumni in 2004 the event has doubled in size and profits have tripled. Clearly, with returning planners the event has seen improvement and success. It is time to bring on more longer-term planners to bring the event to the next level and to handle this growth. The GTCA is looking to build up more autonomous positions, but previous planners are not going anywhere and would be around to help build up these positions.

E-Mail Events@GTCrewAlumni.org is you are interested in heading up any of the areas below. More information can be e-mailed to explain things better. You will be contacted again in September to firm up who is doing what, and we'll meet as a group in September. Nothing takes more than an hour of work every once and a while a few months before, then it picks up the week before and on race day.

  1. T shirts (we sell them every year, but we could build up our sales and merchandise)
  2. Results (a well established position, but big enough for one person to handle the start to finish of this part of the regatta)
  3. Sponsorship and vendors (new position. The A.E.S. has set pricing)
  4. Advertise the sprints to competitors (Does not have to live in ATL.)
  5. Large TV donations
  6. Race announcer
  7. Warm up area coordinator

E-Mail Events@GTCrewAlumni.org for more information. Again, commitments can be firmed up in September and nothing is a very large commitment leading up to race day. Race day is a lot of fun. It's a great way to hang out with Alumni while helping to run the largest fundraiser of the GTCA.