Post date: Oct 5, 2009 5:01:07 PM

The 2009 GTCA Elections are now open. They begin today, October 5th and will end on October 9th, 2009. All active members should be able to reuse their Voter ID number to vote for each position. If you did not receive a Voter ID number, and you are a 2009 active member, contact Bob Baxley.

Only active members can vote, and voting can only occur once per member. To become an active member and get a Voter ID, go here to learn more about GTCA membership.

PLEASE VOTE BY CLICKING THIS LINK. Voting is now closed, thank you for your participation!

See all of the bios for our nominees on our nominations page.

New board members will be chosen based on popular vote and will be announced on our website (http://www.gtcrewalumni.org/) following the conclusion of the election. We will introduce the winners at the Annual 2009 Homecoming Tailgate.