08.24.09 Special Elections Notice

Post date: Sep 4, 2009 5:32:48 PM

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the Election process or any other GTCA event.


** SPECIAL NOTICE: The GTCA Meeting scheduled for today, August 24th, has been postponed to next Monday, August 31st. Please mark your calendars as all future meetings will be every other week from that date.

GTCA 2009 Election Dates and Information:

September 14th - 25th: Nominations Open

October 5th - 9th: Elections

Board member descriptions

Full election process

Special letter from the President

A little over one year ago, a few small meetings generated the idea of an alumni organization for GT Crew. Within a few months, the GTCA was born. Over the past year, and through events and communications, the GTCA has connected the family of GT Crew. Since August, 2008, the GTCA board of 6 GT Crew alumni has:

  • held 7 official events
  • wrote 110 posts on the GTCA webpage
  • sent 9 official GTCA newsletters
  • met roughly 20 times for open GTCA board meetings
  • has raised over $17,000 for GT Crew
  • generated 50 active memberships
  • built a family of 382 general GTCA members

The first elections for the GTCA board were held in September of 2008. Many of you were at that initial kick-off meeting at the Alumni House on North Avenue. Over the past year a constitution and a set of bylaws were written to help organize the future structure of the GTCA. Through this legislation, elections for the GTCA board will occur ever September or October, and the GTCA board members will be elected on staggered terms. This staggered system will help maintain consistency as newly elected board members can interface with board members who have already held office for a year. This Fall, the President, Events Chair and Secretary positions will be up for election. Next year (2010), the Treasurer, Communications Chair, and Merchandise will be up for election. The current Treasurer, Communications Chair, and Merchandise will stay in place until 2010 elections.

Details of the elections process can be access on the GTCA constitution, or specifically the election process page for 2009.

Through the 2009 elections and homecoming, the current board will stay in place, and the three positions up for election will help with transitioning their position through homecoming (October 17, 2009). I will not be putting my name in the hat for re-election as President. My personal mission over a year ago was to begin the GTCA through events and communications. I feel that the GTCA has accomplished that goal, and because of this, I would like to continue my support of the GTCA by running for the Events Chair position (when nominations open, of course).

The structure currently in place for the GTCA is a solid, strong foundation that will last over time. The GTCA is more than capable of electing a new leader and the GTCA needs you to help with this process. Those who wish to help mold the future of the GTCA, or who would like to help direct the GTCA with it's current goals and missions are welcome to run for any of the open positions. Job descriptions can be found on the board member page of the GTCA website.

The future of the GTCA is only as strong as it's active membership. Going forward, we need to continue with a strong board who helps direct the GTCA to work together towards a very bright future for GT Crew and for GT Crew alumni. Thank you for being a part of the GTCA family that will continue to grow and thrive. Your support and participation is always welcome and appreciated. Though we may not all live in Atlanta, you can stay connected by reading newsletters, the GTCA webpage, and by becoming a GTCA member to help support the free events the GTCA provides for all members.

To make a nomination, please submit the nomination form on the elections page (link will be activated on September 14). Nominee's will be contacted, and a bio for each nominee will be posted on the nominations page. Nominations are open from September 14 - September 25, 2009, and elections will be help from October 5 - October 9, 2009.

If you have not already, please become an active member by paying the 2009 membership dues. Your membership dues support the GTCA events. By becoming an active member, you will receive an inaugural GTCA T-shirt and you will be able to vote in the 2009 GTCA elections.

Thank you for all your effort so far in making this a successful Affinity Group. I look forward to seeing you at our Fall 2009 events.


Anne-Marie DeBacker

GTCA President