05.01.09 Dad Vail Plans, Pi Mile & Weddings!

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Georgia Tech Crew Alumni Newsletter

What does it take to make a Dad Vail Champion?

Friday May 1st, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 5

Dear Robert,

Since the last newsletter, both the alumni and the current team participated in some great races and had even greater results! You can find out where by reading the stories below.

We hope the rest of you are also enjoying the warmer weather and getting out there to do something active! We hope to keep the winning spirit alive as we go up to Philadelphia next weekend to watch the Dad Vail Regatta. Please join us if you are in the area!

The next newsletter will be sent out after the Dad Vail Regatta held May 8th & 9th. Following that, we will move to a monthly newsletter during the summer. We hope that you will stay in touch with us via our website and prepare for our fall events!

Important Dates

The GTCA is aware that many of our alumni live out of town, so keep your eye on this list for future event dates and plan your trips accordingly!

05-09-09: Dad Vail Regatta, PA

10-17-09: 2009 Homecoming

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GTCA Meetings

The next GTCA meeting will be Monday, May 18, 2009 at 6:30pm. College of Management building, classroom 101. All are welcome to attend.

At this meeting, summer 2009 meeting dates will be set. Through Spring 2009, the GTCA board met every other Monday. However, we plan on meeting about every 3-4 weeks this summer, than resuming meetings every other week in the fall. You can see all of our meeting minutes here.

Dad Vail Events


May 8th and 9th, 2009Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia, PAJust like you remember it... except the after-race shenanigans can happen during the races and no one has to lose weight! For 2009, the alumni are officially hosting a tent at the Dad Vail regatta. Tell your old teammates in Philly and in all the northeast to get ready for us... we're taking a trip to Jim's on South Street!

An official spectating tent with food and beverage will be provided for free! FREE!!

The GTCA will be co-hosting this event with the local Delaware Valley / Philadelphia GT alumni club. With the support of the Alumni Association, and the Georgia Tech Division of Student Affairs, Georgia Tech Alumni will have a tent alongside the Skuykill river to cheer on GT Crew. We hope you can join us at this exciting end of the year regatta!

One of the special events brought to you by the GTCA will be the first inaugural team-alumni dinner and clean plate club meeting on Friday night of Dad Vails in Philadelphia. The entire team will be present and many local alumni have already registered. So, please join us and register by Monday, May 4th at 5pm for this unique opportunity. It's easy to register online - just click here to go to the google Check-out on our website!

We hope to see you at the races on Friday & Saturday. It should be a great time!

Pi-Mile Road Race

The GT Crew Affinity group WINS THE PI-MILE ROAD RACE!!!

For the first time, the GTCA entered the 2009 Pi Mile race (organized by the GT Alumni Association) as a team. The fastest Tech Alumni team won a $500 check towards it's corresponding student organizations' scholarship fund. Over 25 alumni teams entered, but only one alumni team has a rich history of training on stadiums, hills, swim tests, spumoni challenges, weights, beach olympics, erg workouts, and red neck hot tubs.

The GTCA won for the fastest alumni group. The total time of the top 5 finishers from each team determined the winner. Though many GTCA members participated in this 3.14 mile race (in their official GTCA racing tee that members receive for free when racing with the GTCA), here are the top five finishers results:

Brian Waters placed 6th overall and 2nd in his age group.

Bart DeBacker placed 18th overall and 3rd in his age group.

Taylor Bronikowski placed 35th overall and 7th in his age group.

Mark Filer placed 43rd overall and 7th in his age group.

Anne-Marie DeBacker placed 16th overall and 7th in her age group.

Thank you very much to everyone who ran with the GTCA and to those who cheered us on. We will see you next year!

Team Update

In the last newsletter, we brought to you a story about a shared experience at the SIRA regatta from Alumnae Anne-Marie (Richards) DeBacker and Cassi Niemann. One which ended each year with the gold medal lost by less than a second. At the end of that story, the GTCA asked the current women's team to let GT Crew's history be the fuel for their fire.

Well, they did just that.

Congratulations to the first Varsity Women's Lightweight 8+ to win GOLD at SIRA!

Following this result, the women then became ranked in the top 10 lightweight women's teams in the American Collegiate Rowing Association Poll. In the last poll taken on April 29th, they were ranked 4th (tied with 3rd). Congratulations ladies, the GTCA is very proud of you. We look forward to your races at the Dad Vail Regatta!

Yet, the varsity women are not the only ones that deserve a congratulations. The rest of the team did very well and we'd like to share the full results from SIRA, held on April 18th & 19th in Oakridge, Tennessee.

Gold Medals:

Varsity Women's Lightweight 8+

Silver Medals:

Varsity Men's Open 4+

Varsity Men's Lightweight 8+ (a very close second to Delaware allowed them to become ranked 2nd in the American Collegiate Rowing Association Poll)

Novice Men's Lightweight 8+ (medal was not awarded due to disqualification of boat...but they did get second!)

Honorable Mentions:

Varsity Women's Open 4+ - second in the B final

Novice Men's 8+ - third in the B final

Men's Varsity Lightweight 4+ - participated in the grand final

The team felt that across the board they had a strong showing. Off the water was just as good. Oakridge GT Alumni came and set up a tent on Saturday, grilling out and showing their support. The novice men were actually able to stay at Dr. Dan Miles house as he lives right down the road from the course! Hopefully each year the team will have a more support at every race from the GTCA and local GT alumni.

Alumni Announcements

It's wedding season and here are some of the latest engagements and upcoming weddings. Congratulations from the GTCA!


Bob Baxley (2004) and Adrienne Murray

Upcoming Weddings:

Jim Kowalski (2001) and Sarah Jennings

Joshua Simmons (2001) and Erin Tucker (2002)

Meaghan Bayer (2005) and Erik Nelson

If you know of anyone else getting married or doing something just as exciting, please have them fill out our form!

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Thanks for all you do alumni. We appreciate it and so does the team.


Cassi Niemann

Officer of Communications


Georgia Tech Crew Alumni Affinity Group