04.03.09 Picnic, Dad Vails & Weather

Post date: Sep 1, 2009 2:03:43 PM

Georgia Tech Crew Alumni Newsletter

Join us on Sunday at the picnic!

Friday April 3rd, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 3

Dear Robert,

We promise this will be the last newsletter asking you to join us at the Annual Spring Picnic this year as it happens this Sunday, April 5th at 11am. We are hoping to gather many of our old friends and family together at the boathouse for a sunny day of thanks, friends, rowing and good food. Please join us if your schedule allows and get a glimpse of the new trailer we donated to the team.

Don't forget to RSVP on our website and see who else is coming. And if you can't make this one, we hope to see you soon.

Important Dates

The GTCA is aware that many of our alumni live out of town, so keep your eye on this list for future event dates and plan your trips accordingly!

04-05-09: Annual Spring Picnic

Inaugural Member T-shirts

04-18-09: Pi-Mile Race at GT

05-09-09: Dad Vail Regatta, PA

10-17-09: 2009 Homecoming

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Register for Pi-Mile

We still have the new Georgia Tech Crew Alumni Inaugural T-shirt available to anyone who wants to become a founding member of the Affinity Group! You can find out more here.

GTCA Meetings

The GTCA meets every other Monday at 6:30pm in the College of Management building in Tech Square. The next meeting is Monday, April 13, 2009. All are welcome. See our calendar on the website: http://alumni.gtcrew.com/

We will also be looking for a new Secretary to join our ranks as Nick Grivas will be leaving the city soon. If you're interested in this position or helping out the GTCA in any other way, please send us an email!

Weather Delays

Clemson Sprints (Lake Lanier, GA) - March 28th

In the last newsletter, we asked you to remember the wake on Lake Hartwell during those sprint races at Clemson. Well, it seems as if we'd rather have water coming over the gunnels into our boats than no water at all. This year, Clemson Sprints was to be held at Lake Lanier in Georgia due to severe drought in Clemson, SC. Unfortunately, the weather didn't care about the change of venue.

The team was hopeful that the rain would hold out long enough but a storm swept in early morning and stopped all events. After several delays from thunder, the team eventually decided it was unlikely that the regatta would continue, and headed home early. Although it was a frustrating day, they are looking forward to better results this weekend again at Lake Lanier, for the John Hunter Regatta. If any alumni are in town and the weather holds out, it could be a nice chance for a day in the sun on the lake!

See the Spring Regatta Schedule here.

Pi-Mile Road Race

We hope you're training! April 18th, 2009 - 7:30am (Last chance to register is April 15th)The t-shirts have been chosen for this year's Pi Mile Race on campus. On April 18th, GT Crew Alumni and friends will be racing for a $500 donation to GT Crew. We have officially been challenged by the Military Affinity Group and we are planning, preparing and expecting to win. The winners of the race will be determined by averaging the five lowest times from each group. If you can't run, please join us at our staging area on the Tech Tower lawn and be prepared to cheer loud!


GTCA members who race with us will receive a FREE GTCA Racing T-Shirt. Please meet at the Tech Tower lawn before the race (7:30am) to gear up. After the race, we'll meet back at the tent and possible venture out in the city for some delicious brunch. Join us and find out! More information can be found here.

Register online. (Be sure to select GT Crew Affinity Group as your team.)

Dad Vail Events


May 8th and 9th, 2009How many days until the big race? Ask any rower this weekend at the picnic... they should know. We would avoid asking a lightweight though as they will be surrounded by good food on Sunday and probably not as pleasant as some of the other rowers. As promised, we're offering you more details on the events to take place in Philadelphia during the Dad Vail Regatta. The GTCA and the Delaware Valley / Philadelphia GT alumni club will be co-hosting an official spectating tent on Friday May 8th and Saturday May 9th. Join us on both days for free food, free drink, and many cheers for GT Crew! We'll be relaxing on the Schuylkill River bank while supporting the team through heats, semis, and finals!

We are thankful for the financial support of the Alumni Association and the Georgia Tech Division of Student Affairs, as their support has allowed us to rent a large tent and provide free food and drink all weekend long.

In addition, on Friday, May 8th, at 7pm, the GTCA has organized the first team-alumni dinner at the the Spaghetti Warehouse in the heart of Philadelphia. All of the crew team and coaches will be present and many crew alumni and GT alumni in the Philadelphia area will be attending as well. Dinner is all inclusive and only $16. The deadline to register and pay for this team-alumni dinner is May 1st. And you can do that quickly and easily through Google Check-out on our website!

Alumni Spotlight

Our website was recently updated with some new Alumni Spotlights!

This time we checked in with alumni Sarah Paglioni Fankhauser and Sean Fankhauser who met while rowing at Georgia Tech and recently got married! See what those two are up to here.

Check out which alumni ran the ING Half-Marathon.Who else ran? Any other big races coming up?Do you have news to share? Just fill out this simple form!


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In an effort to keep in touch with all our alumni, we will be sending out this newsletter every other Friday to let you know what we are up to. The easiest way for us to remain in contact with you is for you to continue to receive this newsletter. So please don't unsubscribe unless you really don't want to ever get any information from us. In addition, send it to a fellow teammate, make sure they got it too. If they didn't, they can subscribe right at the bottom of this email. And don't forget, you can always update your bio with us on our website.

Thanks for all you do alumni. We appreciate it and so does the team.


Cassi Niemann

Officer of Communications


Georgia Tech Crew Alumni Affinity Group