Georgia Tech Crew



Finance Committee

To develop the financial structure for the group. Tasks may include researching a checking account, a scholarship account and corporate sponsorship (through the Alumni Association). This committee will work with both the Alumni Association and current team members.

Event Planning Committee

This committee will assist in many small tasks for events such as brainstorming marketing ideas, helping with event supplies and event set-up. The committee will also work as the planners and organizers of any event GTCA creates or participates in during the course of the year.

Membership Committee

Our current list has 350 members. The membership committee will continue to encourage Crew Alumni and friend of the team to become active and participating members of GTCA. Tasks for this committee involve looking through your e-mail contacts for crew alumni names, calling alumni on our list to update their information, creating an e-mail list, or writing Holiday cards.

Communications Committee

To handle marketing, publications and communication aspects for the group. Tasks may include writing articles for the newsletter, Tech Topics, The Alumni Magazine or other publications, maintaining the webpage, the facebook group, designing graphics for events and other marketing materials such as save the dates, invitations, etc. These tasks are good for individuals who enjoy writing and design.