Election Process

GT Crew Alumni Affinity Group Election Process

Terms of Office:
Ammended from Article 4, section 1
in the GTCA constitution:
  • All elected board members shall hold their respective offices for a term of one year.

  • Duties & Descriptions
  • Any questions can be addressed to current board members
Dates and Process:
The dates and procedures for the 2016 elections are as follows:
  • Nominations will be open from October 1 to November 4.
    • An individual may be nominated for more than one office.
    • Elections are to be held the week of November 7.
  • Nominations will be taken by any person who fills out the form on the website.

  • A simple majority vote of members is needed to elect an officer. All voting will be done by secret ballot through the GTCA website.

  • If singular nomination occurs the position will be considered filled.

Thank you for your interest in the leadership of the GTCA. We cannot continue without the help and support of our members.

2017 Nominations Form ‎[Nominations Form]‎