Current GT Crew Affinity Group Board Members



 Jackson Esoda Jim Price Kris Batol Steve Georgalis Lizzy Hattle Adam McKenzie

GTCA Board Member Position Description

All board members should act in the best interest of the GT Crew Affinity Group and the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and encourage the each other (as well as active members) to strive to achieve the mission statement and vision of the GTCA. This can be accomplished with continued:
  • Collaboration with appropriate board members and appropriate parties, with an emphasis on
    • Communicating our efforts appropriately to members, the team, the alumni association, and others, as appropriate to accomplish the GTCA mission, and
    • Accomplish the GTCA mission in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Communication with GT Crew
  • Promotion of participation from members
  • Identification and planning of GTCA events and fundraising opportunities


The President should act in the best interest of the GTCA and the GT Alumni Association and strive to ensure that the functions and mission of the GTCA are properly fulfilled; general responsibilities of this position can include promoting teamwork and cooperation among Board Members and ensure board members are maintaining their primary responsibilities and are involved with committees as needed, promoting communication between the board members and the Alumni House, and being the presiding officer at meetings of the GT Crew Affinity Group, serve as the spokesperson of the GT Crew Affinity Group and the primary liaison with the Alumni Association.


The primary responsibilities for the Treasurer include maintaining accurate records of all receipt and disbursement of funds and perform other duties that ordinarily pertain to this office, managing all open bank accounts and funding sources, and verifying our fiscal operations are following the guidelines set forth by appropriate governing body. If active, the treasurer should participate in the voluntary finance committee activities, as necessary.


The primary responsibilities for the Communications Board Member include maintaining the GT Crew Affinity Group WebPage. the GTCA e-newsletter, and organizing publicity of the GTCA, the GT Crew Team, or individual alumnus in appropriate publications (such as Tech Topics, the Alumni Magazine or any other appropriate media). If volunteers are available to participate, the Communications Board Member should also participate, as appropriate, in the voluntary Communications Committee.


The primary responsibilities for the Secretary Board Member include recording the minutes of each meeting and send out the minutes to all members of the GTCA group via e-mail no later than 48 hours after each meeting, maintaining contact with the liaison for the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and the GT Crew team to maintain GT Crew Affinity Group names, e-mails and addresses, and updating the Alumni Association, the general member list, and the communications board member when GTCA members have updated their bio on the GTCA webpage. If active, participate, as necessary, in the voluntary Membership Committee.


The Events Chair Board Member’s primary responsibility includes the coordination GTCA events throughout the year with the goal to facilitate the networking of GT Crew alumni, current athletes, coaches and friends. The Events Chair may also be required to provide guidance to the voluntary Party Planning Committee, if the number of events warrants the activation of a voluntary events committee.

The GTCA is committed to planning Homecoming, Erg Sprints, and Spring Picnic. These events provide income for the GTCA, as well as provides the majority of the funds donated to the team on an annual basis. The GTCA has continued to also organize events for the Pi Mile Road Race and Dad Vail Regatta to continue promoting the GTCA.  Other events may include happy hours, participation or hosting of regattas, or fundraising events; we would recommend a committee be established to organize these additional events.


The primary responsibilities for the Merchandise Board Member include purchasing, selling and keeping inventory of GT Crew Alumni merchandise. The Merchandise Chair should strive to provide members GTCA merchandise that is representative of what members are interested in purchasing.



Finance Committee

To develop the financial structure for the group. Tasks may include researching a checking account, a scholarship account and corporate sponsorship (through the Alumni Association). This committee will work with both the Alumni Association and current team members. SIGN UP.

Event Planning Committee

This committee will assist in many small tasks for events such as brainstorming marketing ideas, helping with event supplies and event set-up. The committee will also work as the planners and organizers of any event GTCA creates or participates in during the course of the year. SIGN UP.

Membership Committee

Our current list has 350 members. The membership committee will continue to encourage Crew Alumni and friend of the team to become active and participating members of GTCA. Tasks for this committee involve looking through your e-mail contacts for crew alumni names, calling alumni on our list to update their information, creating an e-mail list, or writing Holiday cards. SIGN UP.

Communications Committee

To handle marketing, publications and communication aspects for the group. Tasks may include writing articles for the newsletter, Tech Topics, The Alumni Magazine or other publications, maintaining the webpage, the facebook group, designing graphics for events and other marketing materials such as save the dates, invitations, etc. These tasks are good for individuals who enjoy writing and design. SIGN UP.

Former Board Members

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