25th Anniversary Campaign

2011: 25 Years of Georgia Tech Crew
A full year of celebrating. Thank you for giving back!
Join us in 2011 as we celebrate a quarter century of rowing on the Chattahoochee. This is your chance to give back to the team that made Georgia Tech great. And not only did we make it easy for you, we made it 100% awesome! Check out our great gifts!

25 Years of Rowing! Thanks for giving back!

2011 marks the 25 Year Anniversary of GT Crew. With an endowment created in 2010, it only seemed fitting to ask 25 years of rowers to try and build this endowment so GT Crew can live forever. Thanks to your efforts, the GTCA raised over $16,000 for the team this year.

The year that participated the most, 1997, received the opportunity to name one of the team's new eights. The voting is complete, and the new boat will be named "Spirit of '97." We can't wait to see it on the water!