Our Mission

Georgia Tech Crew Alumni Affinity Group Mission

The GT Crew Affinity Group is organized to promote and facilitate the engagement of GT Crew Alumni, Affiliated Students, Friends, Faculty and Staff with the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and the Institute as a whole. GT Crew affiliation includes but is not limited to those who have participated in the Georgia Tech Rowing Club. Our primary objectives include:

  • To facilitate the networking of GT Crew alumni, coaches and friends though existing Alumni Association and campus events, as well as through GT Crew club regattas and events.
  • To create new programs that provide GT Crew alumni, coaches and friends the opportunity to remain connected with the GT Crew club student members as well and with each other.
  • To provide support to the GT Crew club co-operatively with the student officers to ensure that it continues to exist and function in perpetuity.

Our humble beginnings:

In the early months of 2008, a few Georgia Tech Crew Alumni got together and decided it was time to make ourselves official. The small group of graduates started a discussion with the GT Alumni Association and realized that we had the potential to become an Affinity Group. These alumni then formed a steering committee which has created a charter for the group, designed an official logo, and organized the first event. The GT Crew Alumni Affinity Group was officially recognized by the Alumni Association on August 12th, 2008.

Benefits of being an Affinity Group:

  • The Alumni Association will keep track of our list of crew alumni and update any changes that are made through the school. In addition, they will help with communication between members by sending official e-mails from the institution.
  • The Affinity Group allows us access to the GT Alumni House as well as numerous locations for meetings, happy hours, meet and greets, seminars and events. In addition, the members of the group will be invited to a variety of events held by the Alumni Association throughout the year.
  • By becoming an official group that is registered within the institution, we are creating a higher level of visibility for ourselves and the team. Any good attention we can give the current team will help them in recruiting, consistency and funding.
  • The Affinity Group will eventually be able to provide support to the team in ways that the Alumni has never been able to do before.
  • And most importantly, we'll be able to have a bigger parties!

Join the group:

Membership in this organization is open to any persons interested in the mission of the GT Crew Affinity Group. Specifically membership shall be open to all faculty, staff, alumni, coaches, friends and students who have participated in the GT Crew club. This includes past and present coaches and friends of GT Crew. If you're not sure you're on the list, please update or add your bio by filling out our easy BIO UPDATE form.