Give to the GT Crew

GTCA gives the team $6,500

It is the beginning of a new era for the GT Crew team as they now have a source of sustained income from the endowment's earned interest. Of course this number is small, for now, but the GTCA has intentions to grow this endowment into a source of income for the team that would allow some real growth and financial support in the years to come. 

We sincerely hope you understand the magnitude of this endowment fund and appreciate all the hard work that has been put into it by many, many people over the years. Without the dedication of GT Crew officers and coaches over the last 10+ years, and with the recent establishment of the GTCA, this never would have happened.

We hope you share in our excitement and plan to help us grow this fund over the next few years. Below you will find more details on how to give to the Endowment Fund.

Give to the Endowment Campaign

The GTCA is pleased to offer the ability to give directly to the Endowment Fund. As we have finally established an official Endowment for GT Crew, your donation will provide a foundation of permanent financial support for the team. Thank you for your generosity!

Important Information

The GT Foundation is a subsidiary of Georgia Tech where GT Crew can accumulate and retrieve endowment funds.  As Tech is a non-profit educational institution, your charitable gift to the GT Foundation is tax deductible.  Your gift will also count towards the Capital Campaign and Roll Call.

Currently, we are not able to process credit card donations, but, we can process credit cards over the phone. So, if you prefer to use your credit card to give please indicate this on the pledge form below and we will have the GT Foundation contact you to collect your credit card information. If you prefer to give by check, please make your gift check payable to "Georgia Tech Foundation", add "GT Crew" to the memo line, and mail it to the GTCA Affinity Group at:

GT Crew Alumni Affinity Group 
Georgia Tech Alumni Association 
190 North Avenue Atlanta, GA 30313 

Also, many corporations match gifts given by their current or retired employees. Your company's human resources department can provide details on its policies and can provide a matching gift form to include with your mailed gift.  Please specify to your employer that checks need to have "GT Crew" in the memo.  To receive a corporate gift match, you may need to provide your employer with the Georgia Tech Foundation federal tax identification number, which is 58-6043294.